Limar Eyewear OF9 PH



  • Aerodynamic design -Material: Grilamid TR90 - Adjustable rubber nose pad - Adjustabletemples

Lens Options

  • Photochromic NXT lens - Antifog effect inside 


  •  Black microfiber pouch/cleaner - LIMAR case / Optional adapter available

NXT photochromic Limar lens 

Limar photochromic lens automatically adjust to the sunlight intensity, and are the ideal solution for outdoor sports in any light condition, adjusting to the quantity of light that reaches the eye. 
Limar has selected the sophisticated NXT technology, that offers very fast lens adapting to the sun UV radiation intensity, so to guarantee an outstanding visual experience. NXT photochromic lens offer top performances, thanks to the combination of the revolutionary Trivex material, and the most sophisticated control and light reaction techniques. 
Trivex is a super light material, which is, at the same time, incredibily strong and resistant; offering the perfect balance between the physical and visual performances of the lens, and granting an incredible long life and protection, combined with a top quality visual clearness. 
The visual performances are also further enhanced by the NXT photochromic technology with its ultra fast phase change from light exposure and back to clearness. Limar photochromic lens are fitted with an excellent anti-fog and nano effect coatings (depending on models)

Technical features:

• 100% UVA/UVB rays protection
• Super light for long lasting comfort
• Safety, protection and extreme resistance
• Antifog, scratch-resistant
• Fast shifting from darkening to the lightening phases
• Nano effect keeping the lenses clear from dirt or wetness