Cob-X Combo

COB-X is a lightweight, rechargeable green product. The design allows the COB-X to be mounted vertically or horizontally on a bicycle's seat post, fork, handle bar, or saddle bag.

The built-in rechargeable battery with an 1 hour and 40 minutes quick charge through Micro-USB is ideal for riders in a rush! 



- Super Bright 'COB' L.E.D provides ultimate visibility

- 1.8 hour quick charge - ideal for riders in a rush!

- Micro USB Rechargeable Li-Poly battery

- Battery power indicator 

- Multi-fit, tool-free fitting

- 160 degree wide visility

- Tool Free Mounting Bracket range at Φ 22.2mm-33mm 

- Modes:Strobe/Flash/Constant

- Light source:High Brightness red LED

- Battery:3.7V Li-Poly rechargeable battery

- Charge:Micro USB supply 5V 350mAh

- Charge time (approx):1.8 hours

- Burn time (approx):15hrs (flash)/9hrs (strobe)/4.5hrs(constant)

- Mount size:Ø12~35mm

- Water Resistant:YES/IPX5

- Color:Orange / Yellow / Red / Blue / White / Black

- Size (L x W x H):82 x 29 x 62mm

- Weight:27g