Frame 700C Wilier Cento 10 Air - XS RAMATO

Wilier Cento 10 AIR takes style and performance to a new level with aerodynamics, low weight, and high ride quality make the new Cento10AIR a unique racing machine.


The brand new Cento10AIR revolutionizes aero concepts known until now. Research, study, and testing have redefined and redesigned the tube profiles, departing from the traditional concept that the thinner they are, the more aero they are. Now the bike is designed with the overall system in mind. The goal is to push the cooperation of all the components with the frame, to have the best performance.


There are 2 ways to design an aero profile: use a pencil on a white board or use NACA profiles. NACA means National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. It was born in the ‘30s and exploded in the ‘60s for a matemathical approach to the complex world of aerodynamics. The shapes of our tubing were born following the NACA “algorithm”, and then adapted at different uses needed on a bike. We considered aerodynamics, weight, and UCI rules limitations to find the best compromise. The result is the new Cento10AIR shape. The downtube, for example, is a NACA profile 0028, which is then cut following the Kamm Tail Theory: this allows us to keep a high aero performance, save weight, increase torsional stiffness, and stay within UCI rules.


Another important point about aerodynamics is in the frontal area’s footprint. As you can see, the front fork is much wider than usual, and the legs of the fork are farther from the wheel. This design helps to reduce turbulence of the air flowing through the bike, with less pressure and less drag. When compared with Cento1AIR, Cento10AIR has 2.86% more frontal area, but has an 8% improved aerodynamics efficiency.


The wider fork and rear stays allow us to choose direct mount brakes. This type of brake offers more power and better modulation when braking, and of course, more clearance for tires up to 28mm. This kind of brake matches better with the design and the function of the frame.


Like other recent Wilier frames, also Cento10AIR utilizes balanced design. This solution brings small differences on tube sizing. Every tube of every frame size, from XS to XXL - has different diameters. Balanced design makes any frame perfect and balanced compared to its size.